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Crime Show Icons
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Welcome to...

This community is for posting and requesting icons based on any crime-related TV show. This includes dramas like CSI and Law & Order, as well as reality shows like Cops and Forensic Files.

These are the basic rules for this community:

  • I really shouldn't have to say this, but... be nice. Don't insult other people's icons; if you have criticism, say it nicely.
  • Stay on topic. This is a community about icons, so all discussion should be related to icons.
  • If you have an icon journal, you can advertise it here, but only if it contains some crime show related icons.
  • If you post more than 3 icons, please put them behind a cut. Also, if you're requesting an icon and you have a large image, that needs to go behind a cut also. A cut looks like this:

    [lj-cut text="whatever you want the link to say"]whatever goes behind the cut[/lj-cut]

    ...except you would replace the [ ] with < >.

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